My Approach

Morgan Tilton is committed to providing a balanced Christian approach to counseling. It is her belief that all the problems we face in life are simultaneously spiritual and psychological. Because of this, it is her goal to provide counseling and guidance that meets your specific challenges and at the same time honors Christ. It is her belief also that the Bible speaks to all of life and all of its problems, but ultimately points us to a person and a relationship- Jesus Christ as our Savior and Redeemer. Morgan believes that real change comes when people learn to see themselves and their problems in the context of a living, vital relationship with Christ. So the goal of Christian counseling is to help you resolve the problems in your life in a way that will please God, help you to fully appreciate His gracious love for you, and to trust and follow his plans for your life. Morgan will typically pray for you and bring relevant passages of Scripture to bear upon the problems for which you have sought counseling. 


Morgan has earned a Master of Arts degree in Biblical Counseling, but is not licensed in the state of Tennessee as a counselor or psychologist. Your counseling will not necessarily adhere to the rules, standards, or ethical guidelines of any local or national counseling, psychological, or psychiatric association or board. Therefore, no representation is made, either expressly or implied, that your counseling is accepted as customary psychological and/or psychiatric therapy within the definitional terms utilized by those professions. This counseling is a Christian ministry based on the good news of Jesus rather than a secular professional activity.